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Why Buying Glasses Online is NOT a Good Idea

glasses american teen frown“You get what you pay for” and this principle definitely applies to eyeglasses. At Custom Eye Care, we are committed to offering the best quality product that your budget allows. We offer products for all budgets. Moreover, the quality of the product you get in our optical – even the less expensive ones - will be far superior to cheap products one can online or in corporate stores.

Here are some of the services you receive when you purchase glasses from a highly trained, experienced optician:

  • Far superior quality frames and lenses for the amount of money you spend.
  • Advice from a professional choosing a frame that is right for your style and face shape.
  • Advice from a professional choosing a lens that is right for your visual needs.
  • More precise fit, which is especially important for difficult prescriptions like progressives and high prescriptions.
  • Inspection of the finished eyewear so that you know that the eyeglasses are made according to the doctor’s prescription and the quality of workmanship is satisfactory.
  • Adjustments to fit your face comfortably.
  • Warranty for one year on lenses and frame for manufacturer defects (this excludes normal wear and tear).
  • Satisfaction knowing that your money is supporting local businesses and families. Go Local.

The following quote from the American Optometric Association emphasizes this:

"Be wary, ordering a pair of glasses online is not as easy as purchasing a pair of blue jeans. Every pair of eyeglasses must be custom-fitted to not just comfortably suit your face but also to meet your particular prescriptive needs. In short, you, your optometrist and your optician must work together in order to ensure a proper fit. There’s also a lingering question about the quality and safety of prescription eyewear ordered online. In a recent study, researchers discovered that nearly half of all glasses (44.8 percent) ordered online either contained an inaccurate prescription or didn’t meet safety standards designed to protect the eyes."